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I like how the maintainer's journal is deleted haha [Aug. 15th, 2009|06:13 am]
Late Night Livejournaling
[mood |chipperchipper]

I guess it's pretty standard to include time posted, sooo It's 6:14am right now.

I don't actually expect anyone to read this entry seeing as how it's quite the unloved community, but I don't really want to post in my current journal until I get it fully started & whatnot.

So here I'll ramble.

Have just started the second episode of season two of Skins.  Am so very pleased with how much Maxxie has been in these past two episodes, he definitely didn't get enough screen time in the first season/series, whatevs. Though, this is kind of a depressing start. 

I must admit, watching Skins when I find myself up late at night/early morning is a much better (for my wallet anyways) alternative to buying posters in the throes of passionate angst (Torchwood Children of Earth anyone?). 

fucking Shit. I'm supposed to be going to pick up a friend in Berkeley today.  Well, maybe she'll want to figure out where to put my posters while I'm at work.  I just put in a desk and a new bookcase that takes up an entire wall so I've had to rearrange everything.

I need my non-jrock music love to be represented on my walls. I have at least 5 Jrock posters (2 are signed sooo that's acceptable) and a couple movie posters (well, Star Trek). Maybe adding the Gorillaz or the Fratellis?  Or should I go with No Doubt? Spice Girls? Go back to my roots? Welll I do have The Beatles.

Maayyybee I should stop buying anything when I'm in a phase. (currently BBC, I'm actually a bit shocked I don't have David Tennant all over my walls though an autographed pic of John Barrowman is quite a pleasing addition).

BUT ENOUGH RAMBLING!  I really need to not ever drink coolaid before sleeping.  Usually I'd be able to get to sleep before 5am.

Hah, look at that, it's nearly 7am now, Thanks Skins for the distraction. Who'll be stopping at Starbucks in a good handful of hours? I will!

[User Picture]From: rainbowboxers
2009-10-19 09:58 am (UTC)
i love skins. i can stay up all night watching. i finished season 2 and now i'm on season 3 episode like 6 or 7.
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