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The nightmares of the awake [Jan. 15th, 2009|11:57 pm]
Late Night Livejournaling


[Current Location |the hell of the insomniac]
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[music |I can make a mess like nobody's bussines]

So here in mexico i like midnight... it is early for my starndars, but I guess I might be able to manage to sleep a little tonight... maybe...
Hello all of you... it seems like there's not a lot of posting on this comunity, but hey, wahtever as long as it gives me something to do at fucking one in the morning...
I've tried like a bunch of things, but is really hard... especially now...
So yeah, if there's anyone out there who cannot manage to sleep and wants to talk just friend me and maybe we'll be able to talk sometime...
That sound kind of desperate... but you see what you do and say after oly sleeping 10 hours a week...