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•ramble• [Nov. 5th, 2008|03:08 am]
Late Night Livejournaling


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This is too funny- an insomniac community, that hasn't been touched for weeks. Have you all found some magic sleeping aid I should know about ;-x

So- unless this election is going to pull a gore/bush...im pretty sure obamas got it. Yay! The lesser of two evils.

Other than watching CNN all night, maybe ill dabble in some playstation. I've been looking for some good nite-time communities..maybe I should ramble to myself in my own journal....not.

Im going to apply for a job tomorrow at Cyndis Bar...should be cake since im the sore thumb that sticks out in this po`dunk ass town. I might have actually had to be worried if I still lived in cali. Too bad im sinking deeper into isolation. You know when you "hide" for so long it actually becomes normal...an unpleasant normal. I need to get back into the world. Im too social to play stay at home mommy 24/7...I was born to work and play. (Mostly play)

Oh if only I could follow around the renn faire...be like the hippies without a materialistic bone in their body....aside from needing a sack of ganj or what not. But...im a slaving consumer, just like the cliche` american dream chasers of good old USA. I read a post in a community- or was it a journal....either way, I salivated at the thought of this young girls idea...she actually wanted to pull a Leonardo Dicaprio and live on an island. She had a list for people- the deal was you sign up, she needed 150 people willing to pay $4,000 each to afford the island. There was to be planting of food to feed themselves on this island, along with other naturistic living ideas. Crazy right? Oh if only I could...maybe if I was single or it was just me & my man.

Well...im off to look for more recently updated communities. Feel free to add me (only if you are a consistantly active LJ`er)
*will be back soon*....