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No Sleep? try this [Jul. 25th, 2008|12:26 pm]
Late Night Livejournaling
Hi all I am Jessica nice to meet you, I know what its like not to be able to sleep it seems like people dont visit here often too but ill tell you what i do when im bored or cant sleep

sooooooo I want you to Read this with an open mind here im not a spammer im just someone trying to share some info with you, mmk?

I joined this new community its called Yuwie and I want to recommend it to you all because I think its pretty cool. Very similar to here and myspace/facebook but everyone is a lot more friendly there because its motivated by money. This site pays you for every 1,000 times you view a message,comment, another persons profile ect. (not a lot but if you get really into it then you can potentially make more) they get the money from all the ads on the site so when you go to sign up there will be an offer just skip it and sign on up just like you did on here. It's really fun!

then you can go at it =) put up pics, make a nice background, add movies and blogs

Just have fun and if you have questions feel free to ask!
I will be your first friend when you sign up
Come be my friend!